Thursday, January 22, 2009


The inauguration was amazing. I've never felt so exhilarated by the inauguration of a president! Granted, I did not watch the ceremony as one of the hundreds of thousands of people that gathered on the Mall -- an experience that I know was unlike any other -- but I still feel like I was a part of that incredible day.

My friends and I walked from Dupont Circle to my office on Pennsylvania Ave. At first, we were amazed at the quiet and empty streets:

Then, once we got into my office and joined my coworkers on the balcony, we had an incredible view of everyone on the street below:

I was amazed at how many people had poured into this city, impressed at how smoothly the Army and DC Police were managing the crowds... but ultimately, grateful that I wasn't stuck in those crowds. It was enough for me to watch the President and Vice President be sworn in on CNN, because we could then stand on the balcony to watch his motorcade make its progress from the Capitol to the White House:

We stayed for hours, watching as much of the parade as we could until our faces got too cold to stand outside. Just amazing.

Only in DC ...!

Quote of The Day

"Whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free . . . your true self comes out."

~ Tina Turner

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year, Happy New President!

I had jotted down what I thought were some witty observations about the pre-inaugural activity I've seen from the conference room windows at my organization, but I decided they were not nearly witty enough to actually post...

Instead, I will share this amusing news tidbit from Chicago: Extreme Makeover - Ossama's Hair Salon Now Obama's. "Business is better when your name evokes one of the nation's most popular figures, not one of its most hated..."

(Perhaps I'll come up with something more creative to share later this evening...)