Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quote Of The Day

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

~ Anne Frank

This is the reason why my Life Is A NonProfit Paradise.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quote Of The Day

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.”

~ Morrie Schwartz

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mumbled Musings on a Monday

Because my ADHD mind cannot focus on work quite yet, and I can't seem to write a coherent blog post, I'll just fall back on good ol' list-making....
~ I had what I thought was a good date last Thursday night, with a guy I met online and had been chatting with for a few weeks. But apparently, he didn't feel the same way; he sent me an IM on Friday morning to say sorry, but he wasn't interested. I appreciated the honesty, and I told him as much. My pride was a bit wounded but fortunately, didn't last long, as I quickly realized that it's entirely his loss. Clean plate! Moving on!

~ DC has been suffering from record-breaking heat, and although I dearly wish I had ready access to a pool, I vastly prefer this weather to the freezing cold and absurd amounts of snow we experienced last winter. (Go ahead, disagree with me!)

~ I ordered the iPhone 4. This is worthy of notation because I cannot wait to get it, and because I am a nerd. I proudly accept this.

~ A long-overdue chat with my sister on Sunday afternoon was a wonderful way to restore my perspective on a number of things. Not the least of which being the fact that I have an awesome sister.

~ Having taken my flex day and fully enjoying my three day weekend, I feel slightly less vacation-deprived.

And.... that's about it from me.   How was your weekend?  How has your summer been so far?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dreaming Is Free

I'm on a budget. I'm 'shopping my closet'.
I'm only buying items that I 'really need'.

But a girl can dream....

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I just wrote and then deleted a post about how, even though last summer was full of amazing new experiences and trips to the Caribbean, and I have no vacation plans whatsoever for this summer, I'm still determined to see the bright side of things.... because I totally pissed myself off.

Because, damn it, I'm being positive.  And even though I don't have any vacation plans to speak of this summer, I have come in to work on my day off (and volunteered myself to do so, no less) and I have made at least one Bad Life Decision about boys in the past few months (and still sufficiently ashamed to discuss it here) things are good.

I'm making new friends, with the help of get-togethers like the #DCAmazeballsHH (described wonderfully by both fabulous Sara and the charming Ms. Raspberry).

I'm making a point to reconnect with friends that I haven't seen recently. Case in point: Drinks with Ali last night -- we hadn't seen each other in over 7 months, which we agreed is absurd.

I'm getting out of debt.

In the wake of a miserable winter ... I'm happy. 

And I'm also exhausted, so I'm going home now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Jess is slouched on a gray, tweed-patterned couch. She is in the middle of a conversation with her Therapist, who is facing her, seated in a wooden rocking chair. 

Jess: So, I tried to blog about my relationship with The Italian. I found it really easy to describe how great things were when we started dating, and nearly impossible to describe why I had to end things.

Therapist: You should save that for your novel -- that was a five year relationship, after all. And the reasons for it ending are far too nuanced for a single blog post.

Jess: My novel...I like that.

Therapist: (smiles)

Jess: But you're right. Things with The Italian were just too ....complicated for me to try to describe in single post.  And besides, I want my blog to be about what my life is like now and where I'm going, not how things were. I just wish I had more to report than "I'm working a lot" and "So far, 31 isn't too bad". I mean, I want to be entertaining!

Therapist: I'm sure you'll find something to write about.

Jess: ...yeah.

Therapist: (glancing at watch) Well, we're out of time. I want to remind you that I'm going to be out of town -- you know who will be on call while I'm away....

Jess:  (sitting upright) What?! That quack? She still has a license?!

Therapist:  Now, now...

Jess: I can't believe you're leaving me in the hands of that lunatic. Talk about the innmate running the asylum. This is outrageous...!

Therapist: .... she's your mother.

Jess: Exactly my point! What if she drives me to a psychotic break? What if I have a nervous breakdown! Or need to get a refill for something?

Therapist: (laughs) You can call me.

Jess: Hmph. I'll see you when you get back, then.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Life is all about timing...the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable...attainable.

Have the patience, wait it out.”

~ Stacey Charter


Another quote that I should have readily available and easily visible at all times.

I am many things, but patient is not one of them!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Read THIS, Too!!!

Okay, by now, you've Tweeted about the amazing LiLu several times by now.  And you should continue to do so until our girl has won the MTV TJ contest!

So, now what to do with your spare time?  Well, here's another contest for an amazing woman that needs your attention:

Emily Jane is one of seven finalists in a contest to make her wedding dreams come true.  (Okay, she's getting married to a darling man, so that's pretty awesome, but this would be great, too.) The crown jewel of the prize package is a honeymoon to the Mayan Riviera -- and our girl deserves this! Here's whatcha gotta do:

Voting will be JULY 6 – 27, 2010, and you can vote once, per email address, per day. All you need to do is register at don’t need to be a bride, or getting married, or even interested in weddings!), just sign in & vote at:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Social Media Day 2010

My friend Liz wrote an excellent of the Social Media Day Happy Hour that we attended at the Science Club two nights ago.  It's so good that, rather than try to describe it myself, I'm going to steal from quote her:
Those of us who engage in social media tend to err ever so slightly on the side of egotism.  (I’m no exception. I think I’m awesome.) [Editors Note - I think she's awesome, too!]  We like the sound of our own voice so much that we are convinced other people must and will hear it.  We have shit to say.  We’ll divulge flaws, emote publicly, and poke fun at ourselves.  Sometimes in a long, meandering blog post, and other times in only 140 characters or less.
Bloggers/Tweeps/Whatevers are such a rowdy ever-expanding bunch, it was only a matter of time before people came along who tried to manage, label, and dissect what social media is and what makes those of us involved tick.
But when you sift through all the fluffy jargon and “Twitter optimization”-speak, social media is about exchanging ideas and having your voice heard. I got to talk with people who, without tools like Twitter and blogging, I would have never met.
It was a hilariously amazing, awe inspiring, idea sharing, beer spilling, Jameson swilling evening.
I really and truly could not have said it better myself.  Plenty of people have said "there's no need for Social Media Day -- really, isn't every that every day?"

Well, yes, to a certain extent. The wide, wonderful world of social media keeps churning out news and nonsense, regardless of the day. Or hour. And everyone who comments on a blog, refreshes their Twitter feed, updates their Facebook status, or what have you, is a part of it. But, as Liz said, Social Media Day gave us all a chance to meet face-to-face.