Tuesday, April 14, 2009

oh iPhone, you torment me so

After months of dreaming, I recieved my my beloved iPhone this past December (it was an extremely generous holiday gift from my boyfriend). I crowed over my gift, inspired several coworkers to buy their own, and pretty much relied on it to keep me sane and organized.

We've had a loving relationship... until the past few days.

On Thursday afternoon, all of my music vanished. Several of the 3rd party - but still absolutely necessary, like Twitter! - applications that I'd downloaded refused to operate. I determined with a quick Google search (Safari was still working, thankfully ... what, I was out with friends) that removing and re-installing a few of these apps would fix the problem. Which it did, and I re-installed my music on Friday morning. Happily, I went off to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Yesterday, I was syncing my phone at work, as usual. And noticed that the "Other" memory was signfiicantly larger than it had been before. I didn't think much of it. But when I synched again this afternoon, I realized that this "Other" category was growing.

Another quick Google search (yeah, I love them) proved that the losing-music-growing-"Other" phenomenon was not rare. And that it could become a serious problem. An email to the Mac-Addict friend who got me hooked on this toy in the first place confirmed my greatest fear: the only fix was "restoring" the phone to original settings.

Which I did. And I stayed late at work in order to take care of this process, and then re-sychronizing so that I could leave the office with my contacts, calendar, and life as I know it back in the palm of my hand. Except for my music - but, since I was able to sync my little electronic darling at two computers before, I assumed I could get my music back when I got home.

But no, this is not the case. After much research (props, Google!) I'm relatively confident that the fix is a simple one: Make sure the right switches are flipped, as it were, at my office iTunes to make sure music is only synched at my home computer. Just like before.

All of this is to say: I have been sitting at my apartment and thinking about going back to work, to reboot my computer, check the iTunes settings, change them, sync the iPhone, and then come home to put music back on my iPhone.

But I'm not going to do it. Thinking about doing it is silly; actually doing it could be considered crazy. No -- I'm pretty sure it would be crazy.

Oh, iPhone. You've resulted in my creating a new tag for my blog: crazy ideas. Pitiful that it's my favorite piece of electronic equipment that has resulted in this tag -- not a boy, not a shopping frenzy, not a trip to Tokyo on the last few grand on my credit card, but my iPhone.
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