Monday, May 11, 2009

More evidence that smoking is worse for women than men

Smoking Packs a Tougher Wallop for Women: Research suggests greater female susceptibility to carcinogens

"Women may be more vulnerable than men to cancer-causing ingredients in cigarettes, according to a new study ... Swiss researchers found that female patients tended to be younger when they developed the disease, even though they tended to smoke significantly fewer cigarettes than men ... The results add to growing evidence that smoking poses greater health risks to women than men ..."

Considering the number of young women that insist that they are "just social smokers" (i.e. they end up smoking much fewer cigarettes than their male counterparts), and the fact that the tobacco industry knows that women are so eager to smoke in order to conform to social norms, this study both infuriates and depresses me.


In other news: I think Mother's Day was a success. The weekend was delightful overall (even though the Caps lost to the Pens - an extremely frustrating game to see in person!) and it would have been lovely if the beautiful weather could have continued. Although I'm not sure if I would be any more bright-eyed and busy-tailed at work this AM if it were bright and sunny...

My 30th birthday is approaching, with more speed than I realized. But considering that I'm more excited than depressed about this event, I suspect I won't write much about it here until after I've celebrated this milestone. Some people say it's lame and/or uncooth to throw yourself a birthday party; but I say "If I don't throw a party for myself, who will?" So arrangements are being made, friends are coming from various locales to join me, and I expect a grand time will be had by all!
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