Friday, August 7, 2009

Only At My Office....

A group of us were watching the webcast from the Dept. of Health and Human Services about the plans for health care reform. A few comments were made about the Secretary's beautiful choice of suit and choice in shoes (by me); there were some jokes about the strange lighting on one of the speakers; and repeated observations were made about another speakers failure to answer questions directly.

Some side conversations were held between members of the advocacy team and those of us who are less educated in some areas of Health Care Reform.

Then the Assistant Secretary said that the American health care system should be changed to one of "sick care" to one of prevention, which includes community health education. And that particular areas of concern included tobacco cessation and asthma education.

At that point, my coworkers and I were cheering at the TV, giving each other high-fives, and clapping. He'd just listed most of what our office is all about.

Nothing like health care dorks who love their jobs!
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