Friday, October 2, 2009

My Day, In a Nutshell

What I accomplished today, in no particular order:

~ Signed up 30 people for a password-protected area of one of our websites. (Each time I do this, the hardest part is coming up with unique passwords.)
~ Wondered if I'm ready for fall, and reminded myself that I really have no choice. 
~ With a great deal of help from my colleagues in the PR department, I came up with a quote from our CEO for a press release. (Incidentally, it was a press release about the aforementioned website.)
~ Purchased Guerlain kohl eyeliner that my friends at have been raving about.
~ Confirmed a reservation for a department retreat.
~ Canceled one happy hour and planned another.
~ Email, email, and more email.
~ Discussed why Chicago would have been a great place for the Olympics, and why Rio may be better after all.
~ Decided that these yellow heels really DO match everything.

Time for Happy Hour. Happy Friday, everyone!
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