Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another List

- Sometimes I miss the routine of school. This does not, however, mean that I have any inclination to get more than those four funky letters that are already after my last name. (Thanks Gtown!)

- List-making has always been a comforting exercise for me. It's part of the way my mind works, and it helps my ADD/OCD mind relax... a little.

- There are times when I still worry about what people think about me. As evidenced by my malicious self-editing and difficulty writing openly here, in a space about which I repeatedly say "no one reads this". (In contrast, I write pretty much whatever I want on Twitter.)

- Things I've been considering: Getting a cat, jailbreaking my iPhone, getting another piercing, chopping my hair. At the moment, the status of these items are as follows: I'm not ready to take care of anything other than myself right now; I don't know how much I'll benefit from that (and possibly void my warranty); the piercing I'm considering would be better done in warmer weather; and I chopped my hair just over a month ago, so I need to actually let it grow some more first.

- I really do have a closet full of nothing to wear.
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