Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Which I Gush

Friday night, I went to a fantastic happy hour, where I met (and got drunk with) a few dozen DC-area bloggers and/or Twitter addicts. I started off feeling self-conscious and anxious: I was exhausted from this week and, as a result, was super-ADHD; of this whole group, I only knew DC Princess (but what a wonderful person to know - read her post on attending such a gathering for the first time); and I don't consider myself a blogger of the same caliber as some of these incredible writers....*cough* ihatesomuch *cough* Livit, Luvit .... sorry something in my throat.

But as the evening tipsily progressed, I found myself increasingly comfortable -- yes, the drinks helped, but this group was so welcoming, and everyone was happy for the chance to see each other and make new friends. Plus, I wasn't the only gushing, new-to-blogging girl there.

I woke up the next morning with a bit of a headache, along with new Twitter friend requests, new contacts in my phone, business cards in my jeans (and bra, of course) and silly photos in my camera. In my humble opinion, #DCHH was a huge success.

Now it's Sunday night. I need to attempt productivity. This will take the form of packing for Florida, and cleaning the apartment so my father doesn't know how much of a degenerate I really am when he comes to feed Stormy this week.
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