Saturday, October 18, 2008

oy vey

We went to a relatively nice Italian restaurant. We had a nice meal, we had a great conversation, and I thought to myself "well, there are no sparks flying here for me, but he likes me, and I suppose I could go out with him again."

Then the bill came. And granted, I did reach for my wallet -- but I always do, and okay, maybe it's playing a game or a test, but if I've been asked out, I expect that I'll be told "Put that away, I'm paying..." and then I can say "Fine, then let me buy you a drink/coffee/dessert!" -- and the next thing I knew, we'd split the bill.

I'm not saying this is a major offense. But... but... fuck it, that boy is a DOCTOR. I'm a measly non-profit employee!

He did take the metro with me to my neighborhood and walk me to my apartment building -- which I told him was unnecessary, but he insisted, and he lives one stop away from me -- and that was very nice of him. We got to my building, he said "Soooo...." and I gave him a peck on the mouth, skipped up the stairs, saying "Thanks! Hope to talk to you soon!"

He's already texted me to ask me out for this weekend. My sis is in town so I have an excuse to postpone. I also talked to my mom, who said (in a stern voice) "... oh he'll pay next time!" I started laughing hysterically but said I wasn't sure yet about a next time.


.... Update: We're going out again.
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