Monday, January 11, 2010

Attempting to Focus

... but since I seem unable to do so at the moment, lets take a look at what's distracting me today:

~ I need to join a gym. I'm going to be running/walking/dragging in a marathon  a ten-miler in April and I'm in awful shape, so I need to get moving. I can't even handle the thought of running outside right now, in this sub-zero weather, so a gym membership it is.

~ My sister's graduation is looming (something that I know must be much more distracting to her than me), and my family will be spending four days in Boston for celebrations, performances, ceremonies, and the like. I'm excited to see her and for this tremendous occasion. I just need to get myself packed for the trip - which I always tend to make more difficult than it should be.

~ I need to stop worrying about how my cat will do for a few days without me. I currently have the following internal dialog on repeat: Stormy will be fine; M. will check on him daily; he will be okay; the apartment might be destroyed when I get back, but he'll be fine. I've already admitted to being a crazy cat lady on this blog, as well as tending towards anxious and obsessive you see what happens when it all comes together.

~ I ordered two new pairs of boots last night, and they'd be perfect for this trip, but they probably won't arrive in time. (sniffle) I'll just have to do my best to look cute and stay warm with what I currently own.
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