Monday, March 29, 2010

My Recent Adventures

Work has kept me incredibly busy this past two weeks. It has felt as if every possible job that I usually do has been multiplied by 10, and that new responsibilities  have been added on at an astonishing rate. Not to mention the "other duties as assigned" that tend to make their inevitable presence known in my job description whenever things are at their busiest.  This is all to say that lately, it has been, in every way, shape, and form, a Non Profit Paradise.

But I've had some fun, as well.

Last weekend, I had the unique pleasure of escorting a college friend to a military ball...

Okay, more details are needed before I continue:
~ It was the annual Air Force Charity Ball
~ I attended a women's college, so my hot date was my friend M (whom, you will see, is quite hot)
~ M invited me to attend this event with her because her brother wasn't available, and her family gets a ticket for each member of the family (her father was in the Air Force)


This was a black tie event. Which threw me into a tizzy because, despite all of the dresses that I own -- DVF wrap dresses, cocktail dresses, "tropical casual" dresses (and I didn't know they were called that until I had to go to a wedding in St. Kitts last summer), and countless sundresses -- I didn't have anything that was black-tie-appropriate. Besides old bridesmaid dresses, and I really, really didn't want to wear any of those.

So, first things first: M and I went dress shopping. I found an amazing dress for a mere $75. Then I had to spend about the same amount getting it tailored. But, in the end, I think it was worth it:

attempting to look sweet and innocent

M and I on our way out the door:

We drank champagne, we danced, we were flirted with by (much older and unavailable) men in uniform, we snickered at awful outfits (worn by the wives of these aforementioned unavailable men in uniform), we ate a huge meal, and ultimately, a grand time was had by all.

Then, a few days later, I decided to chop my hair off:

I'm surprised at how much I love it - it's a huge difference, as you can tell. But I'm getting used to it and am thrilled at how many positive reactions I'm getting to my new 'do. Although I've been told everything from "wow, you look amazing!" from various friends, to "my my, don't you look all grown up now - don't you feel grown up?!" (ummmm ...) to "....can I see you sometime soon?" from a guy I used to date (ha!).

And, at long last, it has finally become my favorite time of year: Spring. And in Washington, it means it's cherry blossom season.  I spent most of this past Saturday afternoon at the Tidal Basin with my friend F and her son.  Granted, it was not nearly as warm as I'd like it to be (I swear, I'll stop bitching about the weather .... eventually) but it was wonderful to see all of the trees starting to come into bloom:

This is but one of a few dozen photos I took on Saturday, of the trees, Monuments and Kite Festival -- I will share more later on!

Back to the grind. Happy Passover, everyone :)
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