Monday, March 15, 2010

Used To Be

From a list of Creative Writing Exercises to Cure Writers Block, I shall now attempt the following experiment:
Write a poem with each line filling in the blanks of "I used to be _____ but now I am ______." (This may not be a poem, though. So sue me.)

I used to be a girl who hated wearing skirts, but now I am a woman who prefers dresses.

I used to be afraid of asking other people for help, but now I am okay knowing that  I can't do everything alone.

I used to be someone who whined about her broken TV, but now I am someone who loves her new HDTV (...even though I've only had it for three days... and still need to figure out my DVR....)

I used to be convinced that I would be a reporter for a newspaper or magazine, but now I am a public health educator.

I used to think there were things in life that I would never be able to do, but now I am of the belief that I can do any damn thing that I decide to do.

I used to be worried about what people thought of me when I opened my mouth, scribbled a sentence, shared my opinion or simply left the house in the morning, but now I am someone who dresses, speaks and writes with confidence (99% of the time).

I used to be terrified of change, but now I am opening up to new suggestions and ready to welcome new experiences. (And I hope this feeling lasts.)
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