Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This post originally started as musings on the beautiful, springlike weather that we've had for the past few days. I was rhapsodizing about the sunshine, 50 to 60 degree temperatures, and the feeling that winter was almost over. I looked for photos of the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin and through my own photos of springtimes past in and around DC.

Then I got distracted by work (funny thing about that) and by the time I came back to this post, I was unimpressed with what I'd written. And my usual routine of "work is busy but that's good, where's my new TV, I'm a crazy cat lady, wish I liked to exercise more" just was not going to cut it. Yes, I'm relentlessly self-editing -- but really,  if it's not entertaining to me, it's definitely not going to be entertaining to you.

I think what I need more than anything else is a re-reading of one of my very favorite books, Eloise, by Kay Thompson.

Maybe that will help me clear my head, and help me come up with something creative to share....
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