Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My trip down to Tampa

- Left the office at 11.30 for my 1-something flight to NYC.
- Flight from DC to NYC waited on the runway for almost an hour after we left the gate.
- After we got into the air, we circled over Atlantic City for another 40 min or so in a holding pattern, before the flight crew said we had to land at LaGuardia because we were running out of fuel.
- Landed, refueled.... waited and waited and waited to go to JFK. Five hours after our original take off, we landed at JFK. (Please don't ask me why I flew to JFK in order to go to Tampa...)
- American Airlines wouldn't take any sort of responsibility for getting me on another flight to Tampa (since my connection was long gone) but told me that my luggage would be directed there. They swore up and down it would be in Tampa, but gave me merry hell for trying to get on another flight out of JFK.
- Called the travel agency that my office works with; my new Best Friend got me on a Jet Blue flight to Tampa, got a refund from American for my missed flight, and called the hotel in Tampa to make sure they didn't give away my room.
- Got to Tampa around midnight and was told that my luggage wouldn't be here until 7-something the next evening.

Upside: Even though I had to iron my unmentionables this AM and steam my jeans, I slept well, the display booth is already here and I don't have to set it up until 2pm. And, I'm going shopping right after I finish breakfast, because it's going to be over 80 today, and the sweater I'm wearing is not going to work with this environment.

P.S. Why does the hotel's "Forget-Me-Not (Female) Kit" include bath salts? I understand the ridiculous amounts of sanitary supplies, and appreciate the scented deodorant. But bath salts??
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